On Saturday, before the start of the musical programme, you can take some time to get to know the local Onion Route and its tourist attractions. There are three guided tours available with tickets sold (only) in advance. Child passes are available for children up to seven years old that need a separate seat in the bus. Tours are in Estonian but surely there is much to see and experience for foreigners also.


When baron Arved von Nolcken built this castle for his women, he could not imagine it being filled with curious people 137 years later whose everyday life has nothing to do with governesses, wine producing or horse carriages. Yet, the small house now known as the picturesque Alatskivi castle, has been nicely restored and shares stories of the golden era of the Baltic German times.

The tour includes a walk with the lady of the mansion both in the  Alatskivi Castle  as well as the recently renovated horse stable. The trip includes a visit to the small wine producing factory of  Flavors of Alatskivi Manor  complete with a wine degustation.

The tour bus starts from a bus stop on the highway on Saturday, July 9 at 13:30 and returning at 16:30.

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If it wasn’t for the forest, we could see lake Peipsi from Rupsi. These four kilometers in bird’s-eye view are nothing. One of Estonia's most famous poets and prose writers Juhan Liiv probably dreamed of seeing Peipsi, too, and of a better time and a brighter future. Of a future where anyone can open a summer gallery and it becomes famous all over the world. Of a future where anyone can express themselves through art , poetry, music, or dance in any way they like.

The tour includes a visit to the  Juhan Liiv Museum  in Rupsi village and  Voronja Gallery  in Varnja village. You will take a guided tour around the house with the host/ess in both places and get to know life in Liiv’s era as well as the stories of the gallery.

The tour bus starts from a bus stop on the highway on Saturday, July 9 at 10:00 and returns at 13:00.

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Russian Old Believers have lived on this side of lake Peipsi for more than three hundred years. Their heritage includes knee high onion beds, boiled sugar and linear settlements. Within the onion route, old believers live mostly in Varnja, Kasepää and Kolkja. Wandering around these villages of colourful houses and peculiar gardens are an experience in itself.

The tour includes visits to houses of Estonians who are all well informed about the local culture and proud to demonstrate how they have weaved it into their endeavors. You will visit the Varnja  Samovar House  and Kolkja  Peipsimaa Visitor Centre.  Enjoy a tea ceremony with Ivan chai in the former and have a taste of chicory cake and coffee in the latter.

Tour bus starts from a bus stop on the highway on Saturday, July 9 at 9:30 and returns at 13:00.

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