The tenting area right next to the festival area is free of charge. No surveillance.

Not too far from the festival area are the weather-proof and luxurious glamping tents (equipped with beds, linens, blankets). Choose Accommodation tab and book  HERE!  Tents include: beds and mattresses, blankets and pillows, linen for the number of beds, quilts and towels for the number of beds, table + 2 chairs, wooden boxes to use as night stands, LED-lanterns, coat hangers for clothes. Toilet and shower within walking distance. At the reception: check in/check out; phone charging, necessities (bottled water, coffee, hygiene products, slickers) available for sale; travel beds for toddlers (price with linen 30 €).


11 km from the festival area is the Peipsi Lake House. In this house, only 70 m from the lake, you can cook your own food, enjoy a traditional sauna and rent a bike. Guests can also go fishing, swim or simply relax in the garden. There is a playground for children. Peipsi Lake House has a guest house with four bedrooms, a two-floor apartment with a private entrance and a guest apartment in a separate building. Altogether, there is space for 22 people. Check out and book

VILLA MAMELFA - NB! Ask for the festival discount of 30 €
13,2 km from the festival area is the Villa Mamelfa offering authentic luxurious accommodation in a true Old Believers' home. The villa is located next to lake Peipsi in the Old Believers' village of Tiheda and you can really feel the essence of Old Believers' culture with all the icons, samovars, lezankas, boiled sugar and delicious Ivan chai. Villa Mamelfa houses 6-8 people. Check out and book  HERE!

16,9 km away from the festival area is the Sepikoja guest house – a big uncovered boulder and brick house, that was an administrative building of an old manor house dating back to the last quarter of the 19th century, originally a blacksmith's house. It has six rooms for two people. Two of them have a double bed and four have single beds. All rooms have the option to add an extra bed. Check out and book  HERE!

Hotel Ankur is 18,8 km away from the festival area, at the heart of town Mustvee. Lake Peipsi is just a walk away with a beach and a wonderful seaside esplanade and a beach house. The hotel with a restaurant has 11 rooms with either 2, 3 or 4 beds, both single and double. Check out and book  HERE!

22,2 km away from the festival area is the Kalamehe Talu / Fisherman's House. It's a shared accommodation for maximum of 15 people. It is very affordable, only 15 euros per night. You can book the whole house. Check out and book  HERE!

MESI TARE - NB! Ask for festival discount of 10%
33 km from the festival area is the Mesi Tare / House of Honey accommodation. The main building has 10 beds and is suitable for a group of people. Rooms are simple and cosy. The kitchen and the saunas have no tap water, but are equipped with an efficient bathroom. Fresh water comes from a well. Also, you can swipe off the dust of the road in one of the saunas – the variety is wide. In addition, you can stay in a boat house with 2, 3 or 4 beds. Check out and book  HERE!