The foundation of our green aspirations are our people. Organising a festival as environmentally friendly and sustainable as can be, is only possible with your responsible mindset and behaviour before, during and after the event. Võnge welcomes people of all ethnicities or social backgrounds that appreciate pure nature and cultural variety. For us, it is important that everybody feels good at the festival – the locals, the city crowd, the foreigners, the elderly, the younger generations and the smaller guests. We consider people with special needs and entrance to the festival for their caretakers is free of charge. There is also a disabled toilet at the festival area. Friendly pets tied to a leash are welcome, too.

The vast majority of the festival decorations are either rented or made from reusable materials. Decorations that have in some way or another already been used at previous festivals, are reused as well. Our
  festival T-shirts  are manually screen printed on 100% cotton shirts. They are very resistant to washing and their design is universal (suitable from year to year, including outside the festival). So it is highly unlikely you will want or need to throw away the T-shirt after the event. Festival information is available on our web-page, social media and other digital channels before and during the festival. We try to reduce production of physical information materials even as the event keeps growing.


To come and go from the festival, use environmentally friendly means of transportation. We provide special buses to go the festival from bigger towns. When coming by car, find friends or companions through social media to fill it. If not too far, you can always come walking or by bike. Bicycle parking is available during the festival. We work closely together with the local community to organise the festival and try to keep the effects of transportation to a minimum.


We have replaced single use cups with resistant washable cups and instead of plastic dishes we use regular reusable dishes. This helps us to significantly reduce waste and be more sustainable. A very good idea is to bring your own dishes to the festival. There is a place to clean them. Don’t forget to take an empty bottle, because water is free at the water supply points of the festival. Võnge is also plastic straw free. We promise all drinks taste the same without it. Our caterers go through a thorough selection process. We want to offer healthy, varied food of good quality. There will be lots of vegan and vegetarian food with a much lesser effect on the environment than meat.


By giving up plastic cups and dishes, the amount of waste produced at the festival is taken to a minimum. We also want to sort and recycle the maximum amount of waste being created. A sufficient amount of garbage disposals for different types of waste will be available for beverage packaging, domestic waste, biowaste and packaging. To avoid cigarette buts in the nature, you can purchase a hermetically closable carry-on ash tray called
  KOPS.  Once it is full, you can empty, clean and re-use it.

Võnge is a good chance to educate yourself on environmental topics and take that lifestyle home with you. We are planning a series of sustainability and nature conservancy activities at the festival, such as lectures, discussion panels, etc. All to inspire us make small changes in our everyday lives that may have an unexpectedly huge impact on our environment as a whole as well as on the general quality of our life and of those close to us.

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