Who would have guessed the new decade would make such a grand entrance…

To keep our guests safe and not give the evil enemy another chance, we have decided to postpone this year’s festival until next year. Võnge 2021 will take place on Friday and Saturday, July 2 and 3 at the same location, which will be even better prepared for Võnge the coming year. The good news is that all the announced artists have given their word to participate also next year: Kakkmaddafakka (Norway), Hang Massive (UK/Sweden), Erki Pärnoja, Tora (Australia), Mari Jürjens, Carnival Youth (Latvia), Egert Milder, Jarek Kasar, Reinis Jaunais (Latvia), I Wear* Experiment, Riffarrica, Catapulta, Ellip, Kreatiivmootor, Seltskond Pargis, Worn Öut. Additional ones will be announced in autumn/winter.

You can return the festival passes you already purchased, but here are 8 reasons why you should not:

1. The tickets purchased for the present year can be used next year.
2. The money you have paid for the tickets will not disappear. It will not be put into use before the end of the festival. So, even in case of the most utopian scenario where we will have to postpone the festival again or cancel it altogether, you will remain the right for a full refund.
3. Ticket prices will continue to grow from the point where they are now. So, if you decide to return your 40-euro ticket, but then later decide to buy a ticket again, you will lose at least 15 euros (the pass costs 55 euros at the moment).
4. If you don’t return your pass, you can buy another one for just 40 euros.
5. Everyone who doesn’t return their ticket is entitled to a 20% discount on their favourite beer by Valmiermuiža that can be delivered to their house. Check out valmiermuiza.ee.
6. Everyone who does not return their pass can book a stay at the Wagenküll Hotel this summer, located just a couple of kilometres from Sooglemäe. The double bedroom with breakfast and use of the sauna centre only costs 69 euros for you from Sunday to Thursday (for two people) and 89 euros (for two people) from Friday to Saturday. Check out at wagenkull.ee.
7. Everyone who doesn’t return their pass will have a 10% discount at the 311.ee web-shop to buy music and merch of different artists (including performers of the Võnge 2021 festival, such as Egert Milder, Erki Pärnoja and I Wear* Experiment) Take a look 311.ee.
8. Our team, artists and everybody else connected to the organisation of the festival will be forever grateful, if you decide to hold on to your ticket.
* Promotional codes will be sent to you 14 days after the deadline of refund applications.

If all this is not enough to convince you and you still want to return your ticket, then you should know that:

Due to the current state of emergency and the workload deriving from it, Ticketer's customer support does not process single refund requests. An electronic application for a refund for the tickets of this event can be submitted at → https://www.ticketer.ee/refund/

• refund applications can be submitted during 14 calendar days as of Thursday, May 07, 2020;
• the cost of the tickets will be refunded automatically to the bank account or payment instrument related to the purchase transaction within 7 calendar days after the period of collection of refund applications;
• tickets of cancelled or changed events will not be converted into gift cards or exchanged for tickets to other events;
• all purchased tickets are valid at the new time of the event.


European Regional Development Fund supports Võnge travelling cultural festival with 43 802,50 euros to introduce Estonia as an attractive tourism destination of culture. Read more about what to see and do in Estonia at visitestonia.com

Thank You:
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