Although children have free access to Võnge, it doesn't mean they will be bored here. The opposite! Kids of all ages will find action here. So super deal - pretty much excitement with zero euros! On both days of the festival, children also can enjoy workshops, or it would be better to say playshops coordinated by  Maru Karu: 

15:00–16:15 Opening the mud kitchen ▪️ Mudilasmets
17:00–18:30 Setting the table and choosing the favorite mud cake ▪️ Marakratimaa
19:15–19:45 Kids conference - Miljardid ▪️ Tiinekatihnik
21:00–23:00 Digging the fire holes and lighting the candles ▪️ Rüblikurand

15:00–16:15 Plant printed clay fishes ▪️ Mudilasmets
17:00–18:30 Making laundry trap fishes and chat room "Talk to a Fish" ▪️ Mudilasmets
19:15–19:45 Kids conference - Meisterjaan ▪️ Tiinekatihnik
21:00–23:00 Kids: Shipbuilding and lighting the candles ▪️ Rüblikurand
We are waiting for the youngest ones to have fun between the cutest birches. Here, toddlers can swing, rattle, craft. The toilets are close by and there you can also find the necessary for babies hygiene - a changing table, etc.

Next to the trees, the bigger energy bombs are delighted by the spacious grass field, where they can roam around, play chase or just roll the ball and throw cartwheels or bridges.

The slightly bigger joggers, who no longer bother to run with the babies, can gather in the teen thicket, because there are a bit more swingy swings, a balance track and much more waiting for them.