1,1 km from the festival area, at the foot of the Õhne river, is the Taagepera mill pond with a public beach. It is next to an old water mill that used to produce electricity for the  Taagepera castle.

Photo: Ivar Leidus / wikipedia


8,9 km from the festival area is the protected Alatsi bog lake. It has a bridge with benches on its North Western shore that is connected to the wood board track of the  Teringi educational trail  around the bog. On the Eastern coast, there is a boat mooring connected to trails passing through private terrains. If you’re lucky then Alatsi is a good place to spot whooper swan, muskrat, beavers or grouse.

Photo: Reelika Saar / wikipedia

9 km from the festival area is the beautiful Tündre lake. It’s rich in fish and in summer it is perfect for a quick swim. To set a vessel, go to the  Tündre Suurekivi campfire site  nearby. The lake is surrounded by great forests for berry and mushroom picking.
Photo: Marko Vainu / wikipedia

In the Tõrva town, 18,6 km from the festival area, is the Riiska lake with its shallow shores, a sandy bottom and numerous springs. It is up to 12,5 metres deep. It has a nice beach with changing cabins, toilets, volleyball courts, swimming pier and swings. It is safeguarded by a coast guard. More information  HERE!

Photo: Ülev Neumann / visitestonia.com

In the Tõrva town, 18,6 km from the festival area, is the Vanamõisa lake with the Baltics’ highest, 11-metre diving platform. The beach has changing cabins and a toilet, soft drinks and ice cream are sold and it is safeguarded by a coast guard. You can either lay down on the sandy shore or on a wooden deck, play volleyball, and for children there are swings. A good place to park your car is next to the Tõrva high school only 200 metres away from the lake. More information  HERE!
Photo: Andrus Abel / visitestonia.com